Test your Katie knowledge and win tickets!

For a bit of fun we have put together a quiz which you can fill in to win a pair of tickets (+ 1 meet & greet) to one of my upcoming festival shows this summer! Anyone who fills the questionnaire has a chance to win so no need to get it all right.

Make sure you remember to fill all your details at the end of the quiz and choose the concert you want to go to. Simple as that!

Good luck!

My trip to Georgia

Hi all!

I recently visited my homeland Georgia. I met with the majestic Gori Women’s Choir, who I hope to be working with on a project in the future.

At the music college where the choir is based in the town of Gori there is the great Anzori, the opera singer who teaches vocals at the college. Here he is at a traditional Georgian table giving a toast to music. The Georgians have an elaborate toasting system at the table which must be followed quite strictly. It’s a great oratory tradition where giving thanks on multiple levels takes place. During the toasts poets’ and philosophers’ words are remembered, wisdom and knowledge is conjured up and every single person at the table is bigged up on a massive scale. No one is left out, no one is too young, too old or too absent. The food is endless, plates are constantly cleared to be replaced by fresh ones so you can tuck in again and again.

Although you and I are not sitting around a table to mountains of hachapuri and khinkali I’d like to make this letter a little toast to you, to say thank you for listening, for supporting and keeping me and music so close together.

– Katie x

Katie Melua is inducted into Michael Balls Singers Hall of Fame

Nominator: Julie Tomalin
From: Surrey

Julie has her choice of the wonderful Katie Melua inducted into the Singers Hall of Fame on Sunday Night with Michael Ball

Why: “I think her voice has a wonderfully pure quality and is a joy to listen to. Her lyrics are full of feeling and she really touches me when she sings.”

Thank you so much for your nomination Julie. A lovely nomination to get Katie Melua into the Singers Hall of Fame.

Listen to the induction here.